What Rhythm Journalists Are Saying...

“I am loving it. I especially like having a rhythm to focus on during the day, it has already made me more intentional with my thoughts/attitudes. I also enjoy having a spot to write my thoughts from my daily Bible reading and some place to record what I’m thankful for and answered prayers. I’m seeing how God is present and answering prayers each day!” – KW

Start The Year In The Right Direction

The Rhythm Journal is an attempt to reorient our lives around some specific rhythms, patterns, and instructions in the Bible so that our lives can be in step with God’s life. Start the year off learning how to follow God on purpose with purpose.

What Rhythm Journalists Are Saying...

“One thing that has been amazing about this Journal is that I clearly see some major truths about my spiritual walk as a result of journaling. The journal has been truly God-sent! Thank you.” TH

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The Rhythm Journal was funded in November of 2017 and will begin shipping new orders late December of 2017. Thank you Kickstarter backers!

Helping Students Build Good Habits

College is a time when people build rhythms that last the rest of their lives. We want to help. That’s why for every 7 journals purchased, one is given to a young adult in college for free.

We believe that when we take in God’s word, and that word is illuminated by the Holy Spirit inside us, in that moment God is breathing His life into us, He is filling and empowering us with His life so that we can fulfill His great commission and build His kingdom.


Take the time in the morning for Reading, Inspiration, Supplication, and Expression (RISE). Partner with God in your day.


Take time in the evening to Review, Engage, Surrender, and for Thanksgiving (REST) to discover how He worked in and through you today.


Take the time to Review last week, Preview this week, and Release, Evaluate, Notice, Exchange, and Walk (RENEW) based on Romans 12:1-2.

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