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  • The Kickstarter funded on November 10th, 2017. Yay! We are working on getting ready to fulfill those rewards.
  • For those interested in getting a journal, we are working on a retail web store to preorder journals in various quantities with various options (like custom covers).
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Corby is one of those rare blends of head AND heart. Being under his teaching while in college sparked a deep desire in me to not only love Jesus more but serve the church. He loves God, loves his family, and loves people. And in my mind someone who does that is worth listening to.

Jeff Bethke

Author, YouTuber, jeffandalyssa.com

Being someone who scans the horizon daily looking for next generation leadership I can say with confidence that Corby is one of them. Our conversations are deep and ripe with spiritual insight. He has a voice to be heard and I support his efforts to communicate the Gospel in the many ways available to us today.

Tom Stipe

Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church of Denver

It’s been a pleasure to get to know Corby over the years and in that time I have seen his heart to both understand the heart of God and share it with others. He has the qualities of a good teacher, humility, teachability and humor.

Paul Gibbs

Author, Speaker, Global Director, Pais

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