When this project started it’s because I wanted to have a stronger walk with God. This is why the tagline for The Rhythm Journal is

A guided journal to help you walk with God at His pace.

“Pace” came about as the result of brainstorming around the idea of walking with someone. Having a “walk” with God is a concept found in the Bible as far back as Genesis 3 and the Garden of Eden. It describes an active relationship that is heading in a direction. It describes the way one lives their life in relation to what’s around them.

It occurred to me that if we have a walk with God then God must have a pace; a rate, rhythm, and direction that He is going as it relates to our individual lives. What does that look like and how do I find it?

When my kids were little I would hold their hands when we walked places together. Little kids typically don’t pay a great deal of attention as they are walking. They just kind of go with the flow. Holding hands served two purposes, apart from obvious safety concerns;

  1. We each had a sense of each other’s speed and direction.
  2. We each had a sense of when the other wanted to stop or go.

As children of God the answer is simple; hold His hand.

If you haven’t noticed already, I like acronyms. As an IT person, my world is full of TLAs; Three Letter Acronyms. It’s makes it easier to remember things. As I thought about pace, how it could describe what walk with God looks like, and looked those in the Bible that are described as having a walk with him, these are the traits I discovered.

  • P – Purpose. Everything God does is purposeful. Learning to see God’s purposes helps us to keep in step with Him; not getting ahead nor falling behind.
  • A – Action. God takes action through His people. Learning what God’s actions look like and what His voice sounds like helps us to know when to step and when to stop.
  • C – Choice. Following Jesus means making choices daily. Learning the ways of Jesus helps us to know what our choices are, which to choose, and how the Spirit leads us.
  • E – Evolve. Evolution means “change over time.” Learning to walk and work with Jesus, watching how He does it, learning His rhythms, will grow, mature, and change us into someone who looks more and more like Jesus over time.

The tendency here is to show God that you can do His purposes, take Actions He might take, make Choices he might take, and call it growth. But that’s not walking with God. That’s running ahead, doing a bunch of tricks, and saying, “Hey God, look at what I’m doing!”

Walking with God is letting Him set the direction, set the speed, and join Him in His Purpose, Actions, and Choices, which will result in your Evolving and growing more to look like your Father.

How is this measured in The Rhythm Journal?

When you do the steps in The Beginning and The End you are asked to evaluate yourself in relationship to the letters in PACE. Here are some things to consider as you get into that.


God’s purposes in our lives can be both singular and overlapping. A singular Purpose is something God has called us to be or do. Share the gospel with a specific person. Become a (blank). Travel to (blank). There can be multiple of these over the course of a lifetime. An overlapping Purpose is a role we have in our lives. Parent, spouse, student, boss, employee. These roles are no less God’s Purpose for you than anything else. How intentional have you been in God’s Purpose in your life in light of these three questions?


If we know anything about God from scripture it’s that He is a God of Action. Even when He’s waiting to act, that is an action. What you say, how you react, how you step in; when the time comes to take an action in your everyday life, is it the action God has directed you to take in that moment?


This might seem the same as Action, but it is different. Choice has to do with what goes on in your head and heart before you take Action. The Bible says quite a bit about our minds and hearts. What we do in these is as significant as the Actions they produce. When you make a choice, do you process it through scripture? Can you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you about what to do?


When you stop following the world and start following Jesus, you have new purposes, take new actions, and make new choices. This means that you evolve; you change over time in a noticeable way. Are you different today than you were yesterday? How about a week, three months, or year ago? How do you want to be be tomorrow? How about in a week, three months, or year from now?

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