Rhythm Patterns

Rhythm Patterns are designed to be plug-and-play materials that you can use with your Rhythm Journal. Specifically, it is designed to compliment the beats in RISE in the morning. Rhythm Patterns are intended to help you develop and demonstrate a single Daily Rhythm over the course of one week.

Each Rhythm Pattern includes:

  • Definition. A practical definition of the word from scripture, as well as references to Strong’s Numbers for those who might want to dig deeper into the origins and usage of the original word.
  • Reading. Passages are provided for your daily Reading. Put them on your Bookmark for quick reference.
  • Inspiration and Supplication. Suggested are given for how to integrate the Pattern into these RISE beats.
  • Expression. Each day there are a couple of questions and/or statements derived from that day’s Reading designed to invite and challenge you with ways to specifically connect the Pattern into your day’s activities and interactions with others.

My hope is that is library of Rhythm Patterns will be developed over time with materials created by people using The Rhythm Journal for others to use. If you have an idea for one or would like to submit one, please feel free to email me.


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