Transform Your Life & Help Others Do The Same

I believe that The Rhythm Journal has the ability to transform lives and help people be more like Jesus. God got His hands on me while I was in college. I believe that young adults are at a point where they are making their relationship with Jesus their own. That’s where my journey began. I want to help young adults in college develop strong habits and rhythms by coming up with a mechanism to give them a free journal.

During the Kickstarter people were able to back reward levels that set aside a number of journals to be given to college students. We gave 26 away! Now that the store is live, that giving will continue.

For every 7 paper journals that are sold, one will be set aside and sent off to a young adult in college. 

If you work with a campus ministry like Cru, FCA, or InterVarsity, or perhaps a Christian college, and are interested in your students getting a free journal, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we will get that set up.

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